Tuesday, May 5, 2009

singin' in the rain

Here's a question for another drizzly day:

Who has done more for the umbrella's place in pop culture--Mary Poppins' magical nanny-transport or Rihanna, forever adding an extra syllable to the word, making it um-ba-rella? (Click.) Sorry, if it's stuck in my head it's gonna be stuck in yours too.


I'm more of a Poppins girl myself, channeling her today in a restrained (but a tiny bit ruffled) navy dress, stockings and sensible little black boots--punctuated, however, with this little number, a gift from Bella and Maizie:

A yellow umbrella that looks like a longshoreman. I highly recommend the yellow umbrella (though maintain that carrying an umbrella of any color in midtown should require a license.) It's sort of a portable sunshine on an otherwise grey day. This fellow I captured for Dossier (click) was onto it too, with an even cuter accessory on his shoulders. Perhaps his Gene Kelly jaunt yesterday inspired today's Ms. Poppins.

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