Friday, May 15, 2009

ready to rumble

Check out these guys getting their butter-yellow 1968 Camaro ready for the weekend.

Lately I've been loving yellow, and working on a story about the Busselton Ute Muster (click) is making me miss my friend Paulo's old 1972 Maverick. In his words, "It was a machine!" P-nut's moved on to heavier machinery, managing corporate jets in Málaga, Spain.

One of these days I'm going to turn up ask for a ride, but for now in Brooklyn it's a good day for just rollin' in the sunshine...


  1. Jenni that is one sweeeet ride. I have owned a lot of cars but only one yellow one.
    It was a tiny little fiat nova(also known as bambina) . 1960 with suicide doors (Named so due to the hinge at the rear of the door so if you opened it at speed would pull you out)
    I was young and it ran on the smell of an oily rag so was perfect for a lot of fun for my buddies and I. Max speed we managed to get it up to was 65km/h haha
    It cost me $50 and i bought an old vintage horn that cost another $50 so you can guess from that the condition it was in.
    I'd have it back in a heartbeat... what a comical wee mobile.

  2. What can be better that a high riding yellow car in Brooklyn- on a Spring day! Enjoy your bike for now and a nice glass of wine in the sun.