Wednesday, May 6, 2009

may showers

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So, Monday I was inspired by a technicolor Gene Kelly-ish fellow with a little canary on his shoulder. (click.) Yesterday was a sort of navy stockings-ish Mary Poppins sort of day (below). Today is more Catherine Deneuve in the Umbrellas of Cherbourg, complete with yellow slicker.

Which leads me to the question--if London has Mary Poppins and France The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, what is New York's contribution to the canon of rainy day moments in cinematic style? Or your city's, if you're not in New York? Any ideas? Leave a comment...


  1. Love the blog Jaybird. Long time reader first time writer. Hmm umbrella stories from here. I did actually break out my trusty golf brolly from my dusty and far too unused golf bag yesterday. This would have been the first time i have had an umbrella out in at least 15 years. My youngest son and i walked into town in a light shower. I am not sure if i'm alone but an umbrella seems to make me want to spin it. There was a slight breeze so between me spinning and trying to capture enough breeze to have it float in mid air was a great walk. We had turns with it and wee Matty was doing same. We need to crack it out more often i think. I always feel like breaking into song "Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du Du"

  2. Yes! Next stop, trench-coat. Funny that it came up in last night's entry too! Sometimes it just takes someone with a bit of perspective...