Monday, October 27, 2008

safe, prosperous and free

This morning the only thing I'm free to do is study for my midterm, so I know what I'm free to write as a journalist here in the old USA. But in the meantime my friend Eva sent me this link, which was an optimistic way to start the morning.

Good with coffee.
I had cinnamon and nutmeg in mine, which was totally delicious.
(That's a comment on the season, not race, by the way.
Don't dig too deep here on jaybird. If there's subtext, you'll probably know.)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

banksy, beatriz and brooklyn

So last week food was politics. This week art is politics. I mean, art is food. And it's all interactive. Wait a minute. Here I am, totally confused by this, text messaging via a pack of Orbit Sweetmint.

I'm sending a message to my mom, who has been here for the past two weeks and now refers to SOHO as "my neighborhood," and only walks on Broome cause there are too many tourists on Spring.

Tom Slaughter took that photo. He tends to get his lines crossed as well. Click
here to see his Obama poster and vote for it, if it's your favorite. You're voting for a poster, rather than a candidate at this stage. I told you it was confusing. This was a great article in the Times Magazine about artists and Obama, from a while back. Click here for that.

Tom knows that I looovvvve Beatriz Milhazes' work. Last week I brought my mom to her opening at the James Cohan Gallery in Chelsea. Go, go, go to this show. Color-therapy, that's what her work is. A visceral simultaneous embrace of and escape from all this stimulus, food, art, politics and what not.
And a bit of Brazil.
Here's another detail from the show below.

Mom was impressed. Sort of. (Moms are tough, you know?)
I'll tell you who she's really impressed with.

She feels he must be just about the smartest guy in the whole world.

We happened upon the anonymous ("genius!") artist's West Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill the other night. Complicating matters further, these fish sticks are swimming around in front of another gallery owner (who doesn't know who hired him to sit at the Pet Store).

His gallery in Williamsburg, Artbreak, is also having an Art for Obama event in October. Click
here for more information on that.

Banksy's New York ambush coincides exactly with my mom's visit to the city, leading me to

Mother Hen watches over her chicken little nuggets.
My sister and I are going to have to go a long way to beat mom's new favorite. Even Sara's own chicken-raising (click here) might not give old Banksy boy a run for his money.

I'm afraid I might have fueled mom's new art-crush, with the help of the New York Times.
My enthusiasm, and street cred (I'm talking in the eyes of my mom here) combined with the Times' credibility (see their article here).
I'd been thinking a lot about interactive art since I did my homework (here) about Maia Marinelli's piece Mocean.But what I've concluded after all this interactivity is that the point is that we all interact with each other, not just with technology. Especially now. Except for that I'm saying this online.

Paradoxical, I know. It all goes back to that pack of Sweetmint.

Tonight momma will move from her neighborhood to mine for the next couple of nights.
That's where I took this last photo, on Grand Street in my neighborhood...the same Grand Street where the pet storekeeper's gallery is.

Friday, October 10, 2008

bahia to the boroughs

Gemini nature is coming out in full this week. I've been beat-reporting in Queens this month, and simultaneously Mr and published my review on Fazenda da Lagoa: the height of luxury in the south of Bahia, Brazil. It was only a few months ago I was there...seems another life now. Here's the review, and there's my Bahian bungalow below. I came back to Brooklyn...really?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

roque on

Got this message from a friend who resisted meeting me at the greenmarket on Saturday morning after the first debate: Still in bed. Making out with my iPhone. Stayed up too late listening to the pundits.

Then I took this photo with my phone at the market. We're all getting used to the idea that food is politics, so this is just taking it one step further. Roquette, mooseburgers, it's getting pretty weird...

Maybe someone in St. Louis will do both Palin and Biden a favor and toss some toasted ravioli their way tonight.