Sunday, May 17, 2009

a new bird in town

Birdie Busch (click), pictured below, breezed into town tonight for the first stop of her summer tour. Her CD flew to me a few weeks ago in the mail, stamped with the whole-hearted approval of Marty Machado (click). Marty and Birdie met years ago in Florida.

He reconnected with her recently and thought the two of us might be kindred spirits "...or something." Marty was right. I love Birdie's lullabies about benders, tenderness and slow dancing in the kitchen. These are things I can get behind. She played a beautiful set, and we got to catch up and exchange homemade gifts (honey-wheat bread with raisins for the songbird, and a hand-printed Birdie Busch shirt for the jaybird) and laugh about this old story she found (click) when she tried to track down Marty a while back.

Birds of a feather, indeed.

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  1. are writing your face off. I like. Trying to catch Birdie Bush this weekend in SF.


    The Real J-Bird...J the T (mom's been calling me that forever)