Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Karen the Kiwi

Karen Walker's show is one of my Fashion Week favorites. Maybe it's her New Zealand heritage, which reminds me of my favorite muses (click.) I would happily wear pretty much every piece she sends down the runway, but Karen herself is also a fount of fun ideas.

This season she pointed to the television show, "The Prisoner," as the source of her "'60s Edwardian on the seaside" inspiration, assuring me I wouldn't have to watch all 18 episodes on DVD to get the point. But if this trailer is any indication, I just might want to.

I love the name Patrick McGoohan, and I also love this shiny pencil gray slicker--perfect to hide under on a rainy day at the beach. See Dossier (click) to find out what else I would pack for my getaway with McGoohan.
Up next...my favorite Princess of Power...(the evolution of She-Ra).

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