Tuesday, September 15, 2009

DVF: princess of power

This week I found personal and professional advice in a highly unlikely place: backstage at Fashion Week's Bryant Park tent.

The source however, was a reliable one. None other than Diane Von Furstenberg. Let's have a quick look at her to-do list so far: find my prince (click), design something revolutionary (click), become an icon (click), find my prince--again (click), make a comeback (click), become a contributing editor to a powerful publication (click), lead my profession's most visible association (click), beautify my city (click), and, as you can see below, have a healthy, beautiful, and supportive family. She must be doing something right.

This season's collection, not surprisingly, was pretty and powerful. But most powerful, I found, were Ms. Furstenberg's instructions for her models as they took to the runway. See below, and at Dossier, (click).

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  1. Nice! I'd frame that and put it on my wall. If only I were a sticky-fingered model.