Friday, June 12, 2009

my window box runneth over

I'm going to make a wish now. It is so easy for you to PLEASE help me with it. If you don't feel like reading just *click here* to go to the link to vote for Deanna. (Just hit the box that says "vote for this entry.) You can, and should, do it as many bazillion times as you like for the next 27 days. Okay, that was the shortcut to the point.

Here's the long way...

Remember the little wish-bottles that Erin made for Christmas? (click.)

Well, in the absence of a garden to bury mine in I wrote down my wish, as instructed, and buried it a few weeks ago in my window box. Tiny green poppy sprouts were beginning to appear in the soil, well-watered by the endless days of rain we've had lately in NYC. This morning I went to check on the little guys before I got in the shower and, gasp! Water was nearly spilling over the edges of the window box, and the wish bottle unburied itself from the soil and floated to the top.

I have no idea what this means (other than that something must be done to improve its drainage). Was my wish too light? Did it already come true? Should I make another?
All of the above, perhaps.

So, my additional wish is this:

My dear friend Deanna, who is a total river-warrior-princess, has been nominated by her lovin' man, who she's pictured with below, to win $15,000 for the charity of her choice. In D's case that will be the one she helped establish, ConservationNEXT (click.)

Deanna and Kyle are the best kind of hippies. Their wedding last year on the banks of the American River was a total riverfront love-in dance party. I managed to snap this shot below of D, covertly smiling at the camera, between my sobs of joy.

For real, if she's not winning you over with that smile, if you're really a tough sell, just go to ConservationNEXT's blog (click) to see what the organization does. My favorite entry is the one with the heading: "A Hearty Group of Volunteers Make it Happen in Boring." It's about establishing a new park in Boring, Oregon. Let's put it on the map.

It costs you nothing, imagine how fun it's going to be to see what ConservationNEXT does with 15 grand! Seriously, look at what they've already done (click.) It's pretty astounding.

So, that's my wish from my flooded window box for the time being. Help me make it happen!

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