Sunday, June 28, 2009

artichokes and rainbows

Here's the view from the kitchen window Saturday, after an afternoon deluge that left me soaked riding home on the J-Train.

Lo and behold, it continued to shine on Sunday for the Brooklyn Unfancy Food Show at the East River Bar, which brought out a flock of food-tattooed Williamsburgers.

A cupcake was cute, but I was partial to the artichoke, my very favorite of foods. I mean, could Pablo Neruda have written such an exquisite ode (click) to an ironic cupcake? I think not, he needed the "artichoke, with a tender heart, dressed up like a warrior." This one is tattooed onto the arm of Annaliese Griffin, of Brooklyn Based (click). She and Indrani Sen (click for her for take for The Times) were talking about people who write their own wedding vows when I snapped this photo.

As it turns out, I'm using Neruda's poem to renew my vows to my favorite food, "the artichoke, with a tender heart, dressed up like a warrior."

It was a great time, with kimchee-slanging D.J.s (click) makin' deals,

McClure's new beer-mustard basking in the sun (I may visit Bob's factory in Detroit next week)

and yummy Green Pirate juice for everyone--I concocted a combination of cantaloupe, cucumber and lime, which Indrani said was a natural combination since cantaloupes and cucumbers cross-pollinate, those frivolous fruits!

I also had a chance to chat with these cheerful cheesemongers from Consider Bardwell and Jasper Hill Farms.

They gave me some tips in preparation for my cheese-judging experience on Thursday, but I have to say, the intimidation continued when I found this photo of the judges in action at last year's competition!!

Which one do you think has a wedge of Jarlsberg tattooed onto their bicep underneath their lab coat?

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