Thursday, February 26, 2009

the people who make pickles in your neighborhood

The New York Times ran this article yesterday about the new wave of Brooklynites who like to make their food the old-fashioned way. I too thought this was interesting, particularly as it pertained to pickles.

Back in September, when my graduate program required me to pitch an idea for a broadcast news package I simply said, "pickles are the new black?"

Our teacher (click) loved it, so my partner Lois Desocio and I were off an running. My strength proved to be hunting down picklers, while Lois was the savvier scriptwriter. Neither of us had ever done any work with film or editing, so while the result is rather amateur, we're also sort of proud of it.

Keep an eye for a few of the same faces from The Times' article, like Steven Manning and Bob McClure. A special prize goes to the first person to identify the girl in the mirror at the Bushwick Country Club.

Perhaps I would have posted this months ago, had I known an article on a similar subject would be The Times' most emailed story. The video may make you glad I chose to pursue print journalism over broadcast, but if Beth Linskey (click) doesn't make you smile you should have your pulse checked. Fast-forward to her, if you must.

This won't be the last of the pickle reports. Be warned.

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