Wednesday, December 31, 2008

christmas with captain larry

A few of my "readers" have revealed to me that they just look at the pictures here on jaybird. So, for Christmas, I'm saving us all the trouble of including too many words and mostly just adding photos from last week at sea with my dad, Captain Larry.

Here's a bit of music to set the mood. Don't take it too literally. If I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, it's one spent on white sand. So this year I met my dad on Tortola and hopped aboard the vessel Bella Rose for a cruisy Christmas on the Caribbean.

Flying into Never Never Land:

Santa takes the helm.

Confirming, via radar, that indeed it is raining. We were stuck under a bit of a squall that day.

But mostly we had blue skies, wind in our sails.

Our trusty vessel, posing in the sunset.

A traditional West Indian style sloop.

Barracuda, just hanging by the boat. We also saw sea turtles, dolphins and a pretty little nurse shark swishing her tail.

And geckos.
And chickens.
Reminds me of a joke I once heard.

This is what heaven must be like.

So, this is where we left it, refueled for 2009...

Merry Christmas.

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  1. christmas on a boat, hella jealous. Did you go to Foxy's on Jost Van Dyke?