Thursday, February 28, 2008

surfer bunny flies north

So last week I walked onto this Air New Zealand plane on a sunny day in Queenstown, waved goodbye to the Remarkables and was away to the North Island.

Here is Mr. Black, my co-pilot for this journey. He is a supplier of exotic Brazilian fruits and also has the distinction of being the most SoCal friend I have. He came to New Zealand largely for the purpose of surfing Raglan, one of the country's most famous breaks, so that was our first stop.

Raglan's famous waves are at three main points: Manu Bay, Whale Bay and Indicators. This is Indicators. Mr. Black is somewhere out there but I'd be a big liar if I said I knew which one was him.

Manu Bay, for all you wave-checkers.

This makes me think of my old friend John Ricksen from UCSB shaking my shoulders freshman year in the dorms, glowing after a great sunset session, telling me about getting barreled and asking me, "Do you know what that does for a man?!"

The truth is that I don't know. But, while Mr. Black was out shredding at Indicators I would go surfing at this place, affectionately dubbed Bunny Beach (reminds me of my toddler days at Snowbunny Ski School at Snowmass, Colorado.) I've yet to get barreled, but standing on a giant yellow styrofoam board at Bunny Beach was a good (safe) start to the week.

I know it looks like I'm not really moving, and just standing in two inches of water, but I swear it's not true. Pretty extreme, I know.

Here I am with my trusty Styro Steed. This was one of four different boards I got tossed around with all week. One of my favorite things about this one was looking at the bright yellow against the slate grey transparent water, and the crisp whitewash. Those guys at Indicators are tough, but I bet I appreciate the colors of surfing way more than they do. Though the colors inside a barrel are probably pretty sweet. I did graduate to less dining room table-like boards as the week wore on, but I'm definitely still bunny-status.

Here's Whale Bay's single street lamp under the full moon.

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