Tuesday, December 25, 2007

man, our wings are tired

I had a happy stop for a day in San Francisco on my way to NZ. Got to see my Santa Barbara girlfriends in North Beach before I headed back to the airport for the overnight flight to Auckland...


Down the hill into North Beach

Brenna and Deanna at Cafe Pucini (we just ran into Deanna--fate is so kind to us.)

Sleepy plane ride over the south Pacific...
A sunrise layover in Auckland...

Every time I make this trip it feels like a miracle when I finally get off the plane in Queenstown to see the Remarkables--their mountains that sound like a Motown group.

That night, I had a quite a welcoming party. The dogs, Snoop and Lucy, had choreographed a table-top dance for me, which they are performing here. If it looks like Snoop only has three legs, that's cause he has. It does not impede his dancing.

Bella and Maizie's friend, Amy, is quite a talented fairy, and has mastered the art of flying around the backyard. She demonstrates here.
Sorry it's sideways...still getting the hang of this. It's really worth watching if you're in a bad mood though.

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