Wednesday, November 11, 2009

terrific day at dossier, and also in L.A.

This is why I love Dossier. It's an outrageously gorgeous day at the style site (click), and the front page pointed me to a website called My Parents Were Awesome (click), which inspired me to dig up this photo of my mom, who is still awesome, holding my older sister, who arrived in L.A. today from her home in Australia. (click.)

Welcome back, Sar!


  1. Ahh, the pilgrimage back east slowly begins as all the relatives make their way back for the yearly feast! How nice it will be to see her!

  2. Neither one has changed much, it seems!

  3. Hey doll, remember that you too are awesome! Every time I visit you (here) I smile and see your day with the clearest vision. Keep your voice strong and believe in it when it sings.

  4. speaking of awesome mamma llamas! thanks for the reinforcements, which are lovely on a long evening of writing. xx