Thursday, October 29, 2009

ghosts of halloweens past

Taking it back to Santa Barbara: Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. There's a plant winding up the legs of my bell bottoms, but that's nowhere near as incredible as Colin's page.

Jono one-upping my Robert Plant in New Zealand, where Gary Anderson's birthday party (click) has usurped Halloween as the country's main occasion for dressing up.

Will the real Karl Lagerfeld please stand up? Not to brag, but I threw this together in a matter of minutes. Was even better when Jesse asked if I was some sort of "Nazi accountant from the future."

Looks like real produce, right?

It's actually Carmen Miranda's headdress. Moose is a taco, and I especially like the stunned bunch of grapes in the background.

I think Mike D. may have actually been working on alternative energy strategies when he wore this one.

Speaking of energy, there's Edward Scissorhands (click) with the Energizer Bunny.

But the best bunny in show goes to Bella Rabbit.

Happy Halloween! Is it too soon to start on the candy?

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