Wednesday, August 12, 2009

andy kessler.

Sad news this morning from Agent Moose (click.)

Though I don't know if Andy even knew my name, there was a little happy while when our paths crossed multiple times. It began when he was on crutches, which makes sense--otherwise he probably wouldn't have sat still at a movie theater, or on the curb outside KCDC long enough for me to wave at him. I didn't know who he was, just that I always spotted his olive skin and mischievous grin, and what I liked to think was a spark of recognition in his eyes.

When this article came out in New York Magazine (click), I think Jordan sent it to me, saying, look, isn't that that guy you like? And there he was, Andy Kessler. I devoured that story and tacked that yellow picture over my desk.

From what little I knew, he was a true New York spirit--rowdily carving his own path, usually on a skateboard, but with this little wake of compassion, that just made it feel good to know he was around.

I'll miss you, Andy Kessler.

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