Sunday, July 26, 2009

of midnight murals and "mid-sea mastodons"

Back to the whales again...sometimes themes continue to re-occur, as if in a dream.

Have you read this article from the Times' Magazine a couple of weeks ago? (click) I only finished it in bed this morning, after I dreamed I was standing on the outdoor subway platform pictured in Os Gemeos' new mural. The writer's description of a whale encounter, of suddenly finding himself wanting "to hop on for a long ride downward toward some dimly remembered primordial home," reminded me of how I felt last week (click), when I first met the mural.

Sometimes for city dwellers, art has to stand in for nature, providing a glimpse of that "primordial home," or giving us a ride there in our dreams.

As you can see above, Miss Mega-Watts (click) captured me there last night with her camera.

If you prefer a clearer statement, made in the light of day, maybe you'd like the way I said it for New York Magazine. (click)

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