Monday, September 15, 2008

I couldn't have said it better myself

Starting with the Universe...
Buckminster Fuller explains it to us like we're a three year-old:
Goldy speaks to the three bears, who are actually constellations of bears which divide the universe into systems (or are they dimensions?), and...

"Goldy says to the three bears, 'If you don't understand any of my words, you can find them in the dictionary.'
Wee bear replies, 'but here we use cosmic thought communication. We don't have to find words in special language diction-aries. We use a cosmic thinktionary. All your dictionaries express the universal concepts of our thinktionary but only in special, ethnic language, sound words. The concepts, such as mountain or star or nuance are the same experience--engendered concepts in all languages.
We understand you perfectly, Goldy.'"

If you didn't pick it up from my thinktionary, the point of this post is to advise you to get to the Buckminster Fuller exhibit at the Whitney before it closes on September 21st.

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