Monday, June 23, 2008

one man show

In true Lebowski fashion, my neighbor finally got the venue he wanted for his one-man show, and is it ever stupendous.

Erin and I went last Monday, for free, and were totally blown away. I pasted the link below to her blog entry about it on Dossier. And, it's free if you go to and enter the discount code PRDCR when you go to buy tickets. The show is on 43rd off Eighth Ave. This is why we live in New York. Seriously, it's Monday. If you don't have plans it's totally interesting and worth checking out. Concerned family members can note that Mike's been clean for four years and counting.

From Erin Dixon,
Whether Barack’s sipping an acai smoothie or liquid cocaine no longer entices; a one-man, off-Broadway show titled Sex, Drugs, Clinton and Me, now that’s my politico tabloid fodder. Recapping a heroin addict’s road from stealing toothpaste from the CVS at 1st & 14th to event planning in the Clinton White House, Mike Evans’s story is far more salacious than Eliot Spitzer’s prostitutes—and as gritty as it is—considerably less creepy.

Plus, in classic, small world New York style, Evans is my Brooklyn neighbor who brings his ketchup bottle with him to sit spread eagle in the sidewalk sun. Having found his director, Kimothy, by tapping the shoulder of the guy reading a script on the subway, he’s also a testament to the everyman mantra: when it comes to dream fulfillment, the L train (nearly always) trumps the Oval Office. --Erin Dixon, Dossier

When: Monday, June 23 & Monday, June 30

Where: Theater 3, 311 West 43rd Street

Info & Tickets:

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